Ghostwriting Great Books and Content

Ghostwrite great books and articles

We’ve produced more than 2 dozen books.

Getting published can elevate your status as a professional in your field, as a speaker, a writer, and a media source. It gives you instant credibility with your clients and a tangible edge over your competitors.


And it can be the most potent prospecting tool in your arsenal.


But most successful professionals are too busy running their business to devote the time and resources to publish a book—or even a series of articles.

Gene Walden, IWS director and the best-selling author of more than two dozen books on business and finance, can help turn your concept into a polished, professional manuscript—then guide you through the production and promotion process, as well, to get the most from your efforts.

Gene is also a sought-after ghostwriter/editor of articles, bios, financial reports, white papers, and website content.

What reviewers have said about Gene Walden’s books:

“Walden’s sparkling prose makes this worthwhile reading.”
–Oakland Tribune

“Must reading”
–Entrepreneur Magazine

“An invaluable guide that does all of your homework for you”
— Money Book Club

“Tells us where the action was and still is…colorful and anecdotal”
— United Features Syndicate

“Anyone who stops or puts it down runs the risk of missing a hot tip or two on the very next page.”

–South Bend Tribune

“One of the best business books of the year”
–New York Times

“One of the best financial books of the year”
–Money Magazine

“One of the best investment books of the year”

— Christian Science Monitor

Latest ProjectsDear Investor

Gene’s most recent ghostwriting and co-writing projects include The Low Risk Revolution by Michael Hsu (published U.S., 2014, China, 2015) and Dear Investor, What the Hell Are You Doing? with New York investment manager Ken Weber (now available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other outlets).

What’s Next?

Gene has been working with legendary investment manager Frank Sands, Sr., for the past 18 months on an in-depth work on his life and career and the success of his firm, Sands Capital Management.

And Then What?

When can you start? If there’s a book in you, and you recognize the vast benefits that ONLY a published book can bring you and your business, you’ve finally reached the staring line. But the stumbling block for most busy professionals is getting the process in motion and finding the six to 18 months of free time required to write, polish, publish and promote a book entirely by yourself. Chances are, you need help; but first you need answers.

Try this: 1. Write down the 3 questions most likely to lead you to a logical course of action; and 2. Email those questions to Gene (by clicking on the “Contact Us” button below). He will reply with a grateful, objective response laying out appropriate options and suggesting any other resources that could help make your book a success.

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Ghostwriting/Editing Process

Here’s a summary of the ghostwriting process

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  1. We discuss your book concept with you in depth in order to put together a title, concept, and chapter outline. For ghost-written columns, we follow a similar process to come up with a concept and headline for each column
  2. We discuss each chapter (or column) with you as we work through the process. Then, based on your direction, we write a chapter (or column) and run it by you to incorporate any twists or additional content you want to include. Your participation as part of the writing process is greatly encouraged. It’s your experience and unique perspective on the topics you’re covering that will distinguish your book or column from the hundreds of other published works already available on your subject.
  3. We work through the book, chapter by chapter, until the manuscript is complete and every chapter meets your approval.
  4. We can help you publish the book either through a publisher or on your own—as an e-book, a printed edition or both.
  5. We can guide you through the promotional process to attract national and regional exposure for your book—and your business.